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If you have desire to server the community and be part of a National Outreach and Relief Organization with great projects and true leadership contact us today! take action, and be part of the solution for the community and society at large. Currently looking for Volunteer for upcoming fund raising event . Students are welcome and will be provided with a certificate of completion for Volunteer hours, email info@icnacentercorona.org for more information. or CLICK HERE TO BECOME A VOLUNTEER
The project aims to organize the dawah work in North America in a professional and effective manner. Highlights of the project are Toll-Free number for non-Muslims; Distribution of Islamic literature; Dawah through Masajid; Dawah by Mail; Dawah through Media; Dawah in Prisons; Campus Dawah Support; Dawah Flyers Online; Dawah through Email etc.
ICNA Masjid and Dawah Center is located at 3764 Ellis St, Corona, CA 92879. A full service ICNA Center is established to direct and establish all ICNA activities and community Service programs. Your monthly donation will allow us to expand ICNA Center services, Masjid expansion, additional parking and Relief services to the local communities. We have planned to make the facility self-sufficient in the near future and make this center a model service center. insha-Allah.  
ICNA Relief USA is a multicultural human development and community building organization. The purpose of the organization is to address the basic human and social service needs of the underserved communities with in the United States, through its local chapters. As a vision and value-led organization ICNA’s mission is to promote justice through creating opportunities, lead healthy and productive , lives.
Dedicated to addressing the vital roles the Muslim youth should play in North America. With different programs attuned to the youths’ critical stage in life, YM seeks to address real-life problems and give the support needed to live our lives as dedicated Muslim Youth!
The ICNA Sisters’ Wing is a division of ICNA which strives to provide Islamic education and training to women of all race and backgrounds. This division of ICNA was established in July of 1978, The reason for the creation of the Sisters Wing was to mobilize and empower women of all ages and to enable sisters, to outline the framework of the Deen freely within their own circle by providing platforms through inducing education, outreaching organizational skills.

ICNA Center – Food Pantry Day – Every 4th Sunday of the Month. Please Join us

Time: 11-3:30 PM  Locaiton: ICNA West Coast Center – Masjid Maryam  3764 Ellis St, Corona, CA 92879

A roadside campaign to raise awareness about Islam
Free Quran and Literature available
1-877 Why-Islam – Team of experts – Represent Islam

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