Sant Calra County Fair 2007

WhyIslam (Outreach program) is one of the most well known ICNA projects. Given the prevalent misinformation, misunderstanding and stereotypes coupled with our duty to spread truth about Islam and our community this is one of the most significant projects that ICNA has embarked and continues to maintain Alhamdulillah.

WhyIslam uses some of the most unconventional, innovative, and creative approaches of spreading the truth about Islam, it’s the dawa (invitation to Islam) of modern day society.




WhyIslam has been using variety of fresh ideas available including advertising through Bus Ads, Transit Shelter Ads, Billboards and Islam Radio Ad,  booths at shopping malls, Bart Stations, Fairs and Festival, Flea Markets and Farmers Markets etc.

WhyIslam Further maintains a Free Hotline (1-877-WhyIslam) with live operators, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, ready to demystify, clarify any misconception or misrepresentation of Islam.

WhyIslam local chapter has one of the most extensive free literature program for people who are interested about learning about our religion, Islam.

Literature and Qurans are provided free of cost to MSA, for Prison Dawah, Prison libraries and other dawah organizations.

WhyIslam also provides free literature to non-muslims directly through our website (national) and (local)

We have attractive pamphlets that inform readers about everything from “What does Islam say about Terrorism” to “Status of Women in Islam” to “Human Rights in Islam” and to “Who is Jesus?”  We also have FREE translations of Qur’an which we gladly provide to anyone who would like to read it.